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Garage Door Accessories

KM Garage Doors have a wide range of garage door accessories, from handy extra remotes to helpful safety features.

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Additional remotes

We are able to code you new or replacement remote. A back-up remote may save you from a tricky situation. Or if you need an emergency replacement call us – we have most, if not all, in stock.


The Park-a Lert is the solution to parking safely in your garage. Via a wall mounted sensor ( this can be by screws or velcro), it will track the distance of the vehicle entering the garage.

It provides a light that flashes and changes color when you have reached the pre-set stopping position..

EMB-A- Seal

A necessity if you live in bushfire risk zone, as its fire- retardant rubber reduces the risk of embers flying in, which once inside may catch alight. Also stops dust or sand from entering.

It can be added to rolling or sectional doors, be it the garage, shed or any other rolling door in use.

Rechargeable Battery Backup

This provides power supply to the opener if the power supply is broken

Solar Power System

This back-up battery system is charged via solar power to ensure that lock-outs are a thing of the past.

Safety Infra-Red Beams

This safety feature will mean the door will stop and reverse if the beam is broken, such as from a child or pet. We always recommend Safety Infra-Beams  be installed.

Wireless Entry keyPad

Enter the garage without the remote – instead key in the pin code. Perfect for children, or when you lock yourself out!

Emergency Key Release

Enables your garage Door to be operated manually from the outside through use of key.  For sectional doors.

Wall Button Transmitter

Provides remote door operation. Does not require wiring, usually mounted inside the garage. 

External antenna

For areas that have poor reception, increases the range of the transmitter.