Repair Garage Door – KM Garage Doors here to help.

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Repair Garage Door – KM Garage Doors here to help.
Jan 29, 2013

If you need to repair garage door – KM Garage Door can help, from emergency call-outs, to regular maintenance. It is easy to forget that an automatic garage door or gate is in fact a complex mechanical device. Regular maintenance is required to ensure smooth, quiet and reliable operation.

We recommend that if you are having regular issues with your door or gate you get it reviewed before it becomes an emergency situation. These could be

  • Not running smoothly on tracks
  • Stiff operation
  • Incorrect stopping position
  • Becoming noisy

A KM Garage Doors professional technician will diagnose and repair the issue.

Tips to Repair Garage Door

  • How long since it has had it regular maintenance performed?
  • Has there been a recent incident? Such as the Car accidentally hitting the door. Confirm with any car-driving kids
  • Check that hinges are lubricated
  • Check all nuts, bolts and screws

We most frequently see that a repair garage door is required due to either overlooked maintenance, poor previous workmanship ( not from KM!) or there has been an accident such as the door being hit.

Emergency Repair Garage Door

We offer an Emergency Service to the following areas

  • Northern Beaches
  • North Shore
  • Mosman

Please call us on 9905 5066.

Repair Garage Door – Maintenance

It is important to check and do simple maintenance procedures every six months.

Please refer to  our article on Caring for your Garage Door.

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